Nigeria Youth Climate Preservation Network

Climate change is the long-term change in the Earth’s climate caused by the greenhouse gases that trap heat in the atmosphere, causing the planet to become hotter (global warming). Greenhouse gases are released by human activities that involve the use of fossil fuel (coal, oil, and natural gas) as well as large-scale commercial agriculture and deforestation.

Climate change impacts all facets of life, especially people in developing countries who may be the first to bear the brunt of its effects. Therefore, the best way to tackle climate change is to adapt in terms of developing strategies that protect natural resources and increasing biodiversity; at the same time, we must work together as a community to reduce the concentration of greenhouse gases.

We at NYCPN are actively raising awareness about climate change, implementing appropriate solutions, and providing clear and user-friendly information to planners and decision-makers to enable better project designs that factor in climate change impacts in Nigeria.


In essence, NYCPN seeks to raise environmental-conscious youths that can drive change towards a sustainable development plan in Nigeria. Our projects have been successful and are typically geared towards restoring our ecosystem, providing sustainable livelihood, and improving the standard of living.

Nigeria Youth Climate Preservation Network