The Nigeria Youth Climate Preservation Network (NYPCN) is a dynamic and youth-focused, non-governmental organization that is devoted to championing solutions and actions in the climate and ecological restoration space in Nigeria. The objective of NYPCN is to mobilize, mentor, and empower young people to lead on climate and conservation actions that align with achieving the goals of sustainable development in Nigeria. We focus on raising environmental ambassadors by empowering young people with the knowledge and skills to take action on climate change, deforestation, waste management, ecosystem restoration, and youth mobilization for action in Nigeria. Our team believes in working towards a sustainable and desirable future, with a Nigeria that becomes an exporter of quality life.

Thematic focus

Our thematic areas include educating and raising awareness, capacity building, knowledge sharing, and the implementation of real change actions. Our main thematic focus areas are:

Our structure comprises a team of vibrant youths with 10 core staff, 8 board members, 30 interns and  volunteers, and interns; a total of 48 members that work together to deliver quality outcomes on climate action and conservation.ten


The Nigeria Youth Climate Network envisions a sustainable and resilient future for Nigeria, where young people are at the forefront of climate action and ecological restoration, leading the way towards a greener and more prosperous nation.


The mission of the Nigeria Youth Climate Network is to mobilize, mentor, and empower young people to become effective change agents in addressing climate change and promoting ecological restoration in Nigeria. Through capacity-building, advocacy, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to create a platform for youth-led actions that contribute to sustainable development and a healthier planet for future generations.